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film music composer, roberto ignis


I did over 100 orders
for customers
from different parts of the world

1000 +

My Music is Present
in over a thousand projects


Dozens of awards were given to productions,
in which music
was my contribution



I could write like this: "As a film music composer, I create a perfectly tailored soundtrack for your project to take it to a new level. I work with full commitment, composing in every genre and always according to your guidelines. The task is not over for me until I have obtained your complete satisfaction and ensured the success of your work."
... but we'd better give the music a chance to tell your story in a way that will resonate in the mind and stir emotions for days and months after listening!

Sound Design

"You know that feeling when the sound in a film or video game draws you in for good? This is exactly the effect we are trying to achieve with our services sound design. From the realistic roar of an aeroplane to the mysterious footsteps in a dark alley, our sounds will make your productions come to life. Give us a silent film and we'll turn it into a hollywood productionwhose sounds will stay in your memory for a long time! Take advantage of our sound design services and see how sound can change everything!"

Sound Design


"I understand that sometimes a project's budget is limited and hiring a composer is too expensive. Therefore, I would like to offer you access to my library of ready-made music. You can browse and select tracks to find the right music for your project. You don't have to worry about licensing or waiting for a composer - all the tracks are ready to use. I invite you to visit my pages, where you can audition and download music that will suit your needs. Hopefully you'll find something that's perfectly suited to your project."


"MY GREATEST COMPOSER OF ALL TIME. I love it. This is absolutely perfect ! Perfect !!! AWESOME soundtrack !!! Thank you Roberto for doing such a GREAT job. EVERYONE LOVES YOUR MUSIC!!!!"

Director and Producer of the award-winning film "Kurzzeithelden"

"Roberto Ignis is an exceptional composer - a professional in every way. He takes care of every musical detail and nothing escapes his attention. He represents a kind of perfectionism not normally found in our country. The standards of his work are strictly in the Hoolywood style. I am very glad that I managed to 'catch' him before he fled to the big world of foreign productions. It was his involvement - far more than one would expect from a regular composer - that led to my film entitled Emperor. Most importantly, he is a man with a genuine passion. He loves what he does. Working with him is both a challenge and a pure pleasure. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with him again?"

Director of the film "Emperor" and "Pre Mortem".

"The full vision of the film could not function properly without musical support. The premise is very demanding, so the soundtrack will not deviate too much from the Disney production. On the musical side, Roberto is working and so far everyone who listens to his compositions becomes a fan."

Director and Producer of the animated series "Lemons"

Featured Work

Roberto Ignis film music composer and sound designer

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