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THE ROAD OF CHRIST "Through the streets of Jerusalem" - ORATORIUM


Verbal and musical oratorio THE ROAD OF CHRIST "Through the Streets of Jerusalem" (new)


We would like to I invite you to listen to an extraordinary audio CD THE ROAD OF CHRIST "Through the streets of Jerusalem" - a verbal and musical oratorio that will touch your heart.

This work of artand which was created thanks to the commitment of ordinary members of the Men's Rosary who wanted to share their passion and faith. This unique CD is not only music, but also words that will put you in a deep state of concentration and reflection. The texts, read by amateur lectors, are performed in an extraordinary way, full of emotion and a message that will touch every listener.

Music created by an outstanding Polish composer, perfectly harmonises with the text, creating an amazing atmosphere and climate. This is an ideal offer for all those who are looking for an artistic experience with a unique emotional and spiritual dimension at the same time. Don't miss the opportunity to experience true musical and verbal art that will leave an unforgettable impression. Order now and give yourself moments of reflection and thoughtfulness that will help you find peace and inner inspiration to discover what really matters in your life on earth.

Experience the Stations of the Cross "Through the Streets of Jerusalem" along with the artists who created this work and be moved by its beauty and wisdom. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the music and words that will accompany you on your life's journey.

In the oratory of the "Way of the Cross" The moments of Jesus' scourging are particularly moving, and each of the 14 stations stimulates reflection on the meaning of suffering and love. It is not only a work of art, but also a reminder of a tragic event that has become the foundation of the Christian faith. The music that accompanies the words adds an extra emotional dimension and makes the whole story even more moving and real.

Duration 31 min. Download version. Polish version of lector only.

Listen to extracts from the Oratorio

1 The purchase of the above recording entitles you to use it in the Stations of the Cross service in your parish. With the purchase of the recording you receive a licence for public performance in your church.
(2) However, the posting of the recording on the Internet and playback in the mass media without the prior written consent of the recording's copyright holder is prohibited.
(3) It is also not permitted to distribute the recording in any form other than that mentioned in point 1.
4. If you would like to distribute the above recording in the form of a physical Audio CD then you are welcome to contact and placing orders.


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