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Music from the Gordian Quest game


Original soundtrack from the game "Gordian Quest"


Original soundtrack from the Gordian Quest game

Music from the game Gordian Quest is a real feast for the ears, with its 27 tracks providing an amazing sound experience throughout the game. A surprising combination of different ethnic styles, such as Arabic music, rock elements or Balkan motifs combined with elements of film music, create a unique atmosphere that draws the player into the game world.

There is also no shortage of epic and energetic tracks, which fit perfectly with the intense battles and boss clashes. It's a truly unique and polished soundtrack that is sure to be remembered by fans of the game long after completion.

Reviewers unanimously praise this soundtrack for their unique blend of different styles, creating an amazing whole that surprises and draws you in from the first sounds.

Duration 57 min. Download version Directly from


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