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Sound Design

In the visual world, sound often goes unnoticed, but its power cannot be underestimated. It is sound that builds tension, evokes emotion and transports the viewer to a completely different dimension. In our studio, we understand this subtle art and use it to add depth and character to your productions.

Our services range from the creation of rich sound environments to special effects to full music compositions. We work with passion to ensure that every sound is perfectly matched to the image and action on screen.

The process of creating sound in our studio starts with understanding your vision and project goals. We then move into the recording phase and collect unique samples that will become the foundation of your soundtrack. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we edit and mix the sounds to achieve acoustic perfection.

When you choose our sound design services, you are choosing to work with experts who can transform a silent film into a story full of emotion. We give you the guarantee that the sounds created by our studio will make your productions memorable long after the lights in the cinema go out.

Don't let your production go unnoticed. Invest in professional sound design and let us help you tell your story through sound. Contact us today and see how we can turn your production into a Hollywood blockbuster

Our experience and skills are reflected in projects such as the SFI film 'Kurzzeithelden', where we had the pleasure of combining all the sound elements into one harmonious whole. We were the ones behind the production of every sound you hear in it, and composed the music that emphasises the dynamics and emotions of each scene.

We are proud of our work on 'Kurzzeithelden' and are happy to share the results of our passion. If you are interested in listening to our soundtrack and want to feel the full emotion that a professionally done sound design can convey, please email us. We will send you a private link to the video, which will allow you to experience the quality and depth of our work.

Feel free to contact us - discover with us how sound can change the perception of a film and make it an unforgettable experience.
Here you can see the trailer for this film