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Film Music

In the blog, we focus on promoting knowledge of film music, showcasing its role in the film production process and presenting the work of film composers, who are often overshadowed by directors and actors. We address ourselves to people interested in cinema and music who want to deepen their knowledge of film production and soundtracks. Film music is a specific genre of music that is composed and used in films to enrich their content and build the right mood. Film composers create a variety of motifs and musical themes that affect the emotions of the audience, bringing them into the world of the film.

Movie "Kurzzeithhelden"

Below is the trailer for the film KURZZEITHELDEN by German director and producer Christine Wagner. I worked on the film for several months creating the music, sound design and 5.1 sound mixMaybe one day I'll write more about what the whole process of creating these... Read More "Movie "Kurzzeithhelden"